BC Pizza - The Best Choice PizzaOver 30 locations

Our Story

During high school, brothers Chris and Wayne Nelson set a goal to open a top quality pizzeria. It would be an establishment that customers would choose to visit again and again. Consistent taste and attentive customer service would be the driving factors for success. Night after night, the brothers experimented in their mother's kitchen to develop unique recipes for tastes that would bring customers back- time and time again. In 1988 they celebrated the opening of their Boyne City store, and the telephones haven't stopped ringing since. Over the next 21 years, the B.C. Pizza brand expanded to over 30 operating restaurants- with more on the horizon.

B.C. Pizza's reputation as the "Best Choice" for pizza was built by using only the freshest, top-quality ingredients and the brothers’ secret recipes for homemade pizza sauce and crust. Customers continue to be impressed by the one-on-one friendly service and the community support that each B.C. Pizza franchise exhibits in their local area.

The Nelsons’ commitment to consistently providing the best quality products, the most attentive service, and the best pizzeria value anywhere has never wavered. Their philosophy of community support remains a pillar of their success. B.C. Pizza donates talent, food, and other support to local causes, and partners up with other area businesses to help those in need. Their belief is that what you give to a community makes a big difference in what return you can expect- and they encourage that behavior in others.

Customers know they will get a delicious meal at B.C. Pizza, whether it’s pizza, pasta, or some of the other specialties served hot and fresh to the table or buffet. Of course, we understand that folks like delivery and take-out, but we created a warm, cozy atmosphere in our flagship restaurants that draw customers like a magnet, because everyone knows food is better fresh out of the oven, served right to the table. B.C. Pizza restaurants are real restaurants, fast casual in style, and a friendly place for a good meal.

That’s how B.C. Pizza got started, and here’s what it means to you. Our management team has over fifty years of combined experience in restaurant management and franchising, operating the same specialty and traditional pizza concept that we’re offering you as a B.C. Pizza franchise. Our franchise comes with a good amount of "seasoned" experience. We have a solid foundation of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm. We want to grow with new owners who understand working hard and having fun, too. It’s a lifestyle decision that we hope you understand and want for yourself.